About Vijayam Techno School

Unique Facets:

The school offers students a unique educational experience which, in many ways, is different from schools elsewhere. There are many salient and distinguishing features which contribute towards making the school exclusive and exceptional in the sphere of school educations.


Salient Features

In this endeavour we have decided to launch our flagship venture VIJAYAM TECHNO SCHOOL at Madurawada. The Execution of academic plan is headed by Dr. K. Vijaya Lakshmi, the Director of institute. With her vast academic experience, she heads various departments of the institute and facilitates to achieve the VISION of Dr. K. Vijay Laxmi Educational Society.



A student’s life is one of learning while school is the most important source of learning for them from the point of future careers. Learning from experiences from parents and elders at home and from teachers at school is also critical. These are the people the child spends maximum time with and the child’s way of dealing with situations and his character is shaped strongly by their interactions. Children should be motivated and learn to enjoy their friend’s success, raise confidence when facing a challenge, do committed hard work during the academic year. This will help children to find happiness within them in what ever they do. They will learn to respond positively to situations and cause happiness to spread.


'Building Confidence':-

Faith supports in building confidence. It works as the sunshine on the flourishing crops of thoughts. The ability of a teacher in our school imparts the right amount of correct knowledge enhances the potentiality of the students. The qualitative knowledge of our teachers builds up confidence among the students. We carefully nurture the right thoughts among the students and slowly build up confidence on the stable foundation of faith, understanding and self effort. The aim of our school is to develop concept clarity and subject specific skills, core competencies like critical thinking, collaborative working and independent learning to provide teachers with a rich resource for stimulation and meaningful teaching learning experiences. In addition we wish to strengthen our teacher training programs holding subject and technology focused workshops at different levels. To Nurture is to Nourish. Nurturing the child encompasses all aspects of development: Social, emotional, cognitive and physical. In every interaction, our teachers will nurture appropriate growth and development.


Integration of value Education:

The school integrates value education and teaching in all its programmes. It is the relentless pursuit at the school to instill in every student the universal and timeless doctrine of Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man. There are also special Human Value classes held to provide students a deeper insight into culture and philosophy.






“A promise of quality Education”:

Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents for these only gave life, those the art of living well.


Teachers are the ones with gifted brains,


with voice, content and expression.


They may be strict, they may be soft,


to make student the best, is what we opt.


They give us their trust in just an instance.


The books may have many big lessons.

But when they come, all load lessens,

step by step, word by word.


In our mind, the concept goes,

child by child, class by class,

in every student, the learner grows.


How our zeal owes to their competence,

not just knowledge, they shower their caring,

they bring discipline and teach student sharing.


With love and respect, they fill every heart,

and they do make sure, every student learn every art.


"Here qualities of life are nurtured with patience.”

Teachers play an important role in the life of child. From the first hesitant step in the lower nursery till the confident eighteen years old that goes into the world outside, the entire journey is a learning experience in which teachers provide guidance to help these tender buds blossom into gorgeous flowers that spread their fragrance around them. Our teachers will help these young learners to enjoy learning, teach them to find joy in all that they do and learn from experience. Teachers in our school teach the students to learn to assess situations, face them objectively, and tackle them with maturity and find solutions that leave no bitterness around them.