Code of Conduct and Regulations :

A cultured code of conduct is a time honored and long cherished tradition of the hostel. Every student is exhorted to observe the rules and regulations whole – heartedly and in right spirit.


Any breach of the rules and regulations mentioned above is not tolerated The school authorities reserve the right to expel to any student from the hostel and the school at any time of the year if his /her behavior is found wanting.

Daily Schedule :

The daily routine of activities for the students in the hostel and the school are tabled below.

Sl.No. Activity Time
01. Wake-up Call 5.00 A.M
02. Yoga 5.30 A.M
03. Break Fast 7.30 A.M
04. Morning Study Hours 6.00 – 7.30 A.M.
05. School Hours (With Half an hour Lunch Break in between) 8.30 – 4.00 P.M.
06. Snacks & Milk 4.00 P.M
07. Games 4.30 P.M
08. Evening Study Hours 5.30 P.M
09. Dinner 8.30 P.M

Study Hours and Sleeping times are fixed differently according to the age group of students.