Computer Lab / Science Labs/ Knowledge Centre / Audio-Visual Room/ Games & Sports / Prayer Hall / Music Room / Dance Room.

Facilities have been provided to make for a complete and wholesome experience for the student not only in the academic sphere, but also in the cultural, sports and spiritual spheres. They aim to enable the student to realize his / her full potential by encouraging his / her interests in these fields. Some of the prominent amenities at the school are:


Computer Lab :

admissionsEquipped with the latest systems, the computer lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the students to the latest skills in this field.



Science Laboratories :

admissionsThe school has laboratories for the department of chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics. Furnished with all the necessary instruments & accessories, the labs ensure that the practical understanding of the subject is comprehensive and complete.



Knowledge Centre :

admissionsThe knowledge centre will be provided with over 3000 books. The collection of books ranges from academic to philosophy. The knowledge centre also subscribes to weekly and monthly journals, magazines apart from the daily newspapers.



Audio – Visual Rooms:

admissionsTo fulfill the policy of look and see approach the school has a well furnished and plush audio-visual set-up (Eeducom). It serves as a valuable educational aid and multimedia facility acting as a Catalyst in not only creating interest but also in increasing understanding of the students in basic concepts of various disciplines.


Prayer Hall:

admissionsThe school has a large prayer hall in the V floor befitting the educational philosophy of the school. It is the most sacred space of the school premises where daily prayer, meetings and co-curricular activities are organized.


Music Room :

admissionsThe school provides ample opportunities for students with an aptitude for music/ dance. Professional tutors help the budding musicians to pursue their interest with ease.


Games and sports facilities:

The games and sports amenities of the school range from courts for games and sports strike;