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“The hostel is a home, where each lives for the other and all live together”


Hostel Facilities:

admissionsBoys and Girls are housed in separate dormitories. The bright and well ventilated dormitories make for comfortable and collective living. Each child has own individual cot and large shelf area to keep their clothes and other items of personal use. The hostel is truly a model for nurturing a sound body and steady mind for students.


Medical Facilities:


The health of the children is adequately watched over in the hostel.






Other in-house Facilities:

The hostel has a number of other services in –house to make the stay of the student at the hostel a pleasant experience. They include:-







Hostel Mess:

admissionsThe hostel mess caters to all the food and nutritional requirements of the students. They are served a well balanced diet along with milk at the hostel. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment. Separate menu for North Indian / Non Andhra students.


Kitchen :

admissionsThe kitchen is well maintained to ensure high standards of hygiene. It is also well furnished with modern methods of cookery replete with contemporary cooking gadgets


Hostel charges:

The hostel fees varies from Rs. 39,000/-to Rs72,000/- from the students class I to class X for an academic year towards Boarding and Maintenance expenses.(fee structure enclosed class wise ) In addition, an amount of Rs 10,000/- is charged as Caution Deposit from the students of Class I to X ( one time only) which is refundable after the students education in the school is complete. The first term amount has to be paid at the time of admission. The second term fee in advance post dated cheque at the time of admission only.